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In thirteen previous editions, the workshops have enabled learning from seasoned instructors and interaction between techie peers and management.


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  /  Technology   /  Affordable Broadband for the next 100 million Nigerians

Affordable Broadband for the next 100 million Nigerians

The Nigerian Network Operators Group Presents:

Getting Affordable Broadband Internet to the Next 100 Million Nigerians.

A Conference on Affordable and Reliable Broadband Internet Access through Internet Peering, Interconnection and Content Localization


Recent statistics show that there are at least 162 Million mobile communications devices operational in Nigeria. Of this number, only a few Million are able to download more than 30MB of data a month. Not enough to watch one educational video monthly. The Internet has the potential to raise the Nigerian GDP significantly but the average speed must increase by at least 400% and the cost of access must reduce by at least 70% for citizens to truly benefit from the opportunities. Studies have also shown that when a page or app loads slowly, the visitor is not likely to return for a repeat transaction.


Are there alternative approaches to consider in the deployment of Internet services in Nigeria? Is the operating environment favourable enough for network operators? Are there existing solutions here already that we are not adopting on a large enough scale?


Peering, interconnection and voluntary localization of content have helped to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of Internet connectivity in other climes. How can we adopt this on a larger scale? How can we solve the last mile problem in remote areas? Can community networks help? How can Nigerian businesses get better broadband performance and lower operating costs by hosting their apps and services in locally peered data centres?


This conference is bringing users, regulators, network operators, data centre operators, content distribution networks, content-heavy businesses, civil society, Internet service providers, Government entities and Internet industry experts together to identify challenges and proffer workable solutions to Nigeria’s broadband problems so that businesses and individuals can start to reap the benefits of the Internet.


Date: Tuesday, 30th October 2018

Time: 9:00am

Venue: The Zone, Gbagada, Lagos


Supported by: Facebook,  Internet Society, IXPN, MDXi (MainOne), Netflix, The Nigerian Communications Commission, DE-CIX, Bandwidth Consortium, Medallion communications, The Nigeria ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions

This Conference is part of the 2018 Network Technology Week. See for details of the week’s activities.