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The foremost capacity building activity of ICT personnel and other stakeholders in Nigerian Higher Education.
In thirteen previous editions, the workshops have enabled learning from seasoned instructors and interaction between techie peers and management.


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  /  Software Defined Networking – How does it impact traditional IP networking?

IP Networking is fast evolving from single device (router/switch) configuration solution to a multiple device configuration via a controller. Network engineers today need more than IP certifications or knowledge of conventional protocols (OSPF, BGP, ISIS, BFD etc) to stay afloat in the industry in next 2 to 3 years. With SDN, the industry needs programming-savvy Network engineers who can be versatile enough to translate traditional networking actions into a language the computer can understand via scripting methods like PYTHON. Networking jobs will converge from many to few as hundreds of routers will be automatically configured based on time, events and artificial intelligence.

October 28 @ 14:50
14:50 — 15:10 (20′)

Shell Hall MUSON Centre Lagos

Olusegun Oyetunji (Airtel)