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  /  Workshop – Peering, Interconnection and Routing Security
The Internet is often referred to as a network of networks. How do networks network? By peering and interconnecting with other networks of course!

It used to be sufficient for an end-site to simply accept a default route from an upstream Internet service provider and send all its traffic to the ISP for forwarding. However, as Internet applications become increasingly demanding and popular services are consolidated between a fewer number of application service providers located halfway across the world, connectivity models are changing and we are seeing localized instances of popular services that are accessible through local Internet Exchanges and direct peering. How do you know what opportunities exist and how can you tap into the benefits?

For those already peering and interconnecting, how do you protect yourself from route hijacks and similar attacks? How do you ensure that your resources and those of your downstream customers are not unwittingly used in denial of service attacks or other cyber criminality?

Are you using an Internet Routing Registry to ensure the integrity of your routing records yet? Did you know that the AFRINIC registry could serve your needs despite the closure of the RIPE registry to put-of-region objects.

Come gain knowledge about all of these and much more at the Peering and Interconnection Workshop during ngNOG 2019. It’s also the perfect place to meet new peers like data centre operators and content distribution networks that will help improve your routing efficiency and lower your operating costs.

Register for the 2019 ngNOG 2019 Peering and Interconnection and routing security Track Abstract:

October 30 @ 09:00 — October 31 @ 17:00
09:00 — 17:00 (32h)