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In thirteen previous editions, the workshops have enabled learning from seasoned instructors and interaction between techie peers and management.


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  /  Protecting your DNS Data

Every device that uses the Internet, whether it be a
desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or an IoT device
like a smart thermostat, television, or security camera, requires
a DNS Recursive Resolver to perform this translation function.
Since every Internet device is critically
dependent on the Domain Name System
the DNS is a very attractive target for criminals.
When the DNS is not sufficiently secured, it gives criminals easy inroads into every Internet-connected device.
This affects not just your computer and mobile phone, but your thermostat and television and refrigerator.
The DNS is thus a critical weak point that needs to be improved and reinforced through technical means.
In this presentation, we will talk about
– the weaknesses of the DNS as it is,
– what are the ideal improvements to do in order to mitigate the identified threats
– What current free solutions already solve those problems.

October 28 @ 16:30
16:30 — 16:50 (20′)

AFRINIC, Stephen Honlue