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  /  The Single Source of Truth for Automatic Network Configuration

A presentation about how a single source of truth, expressed in an elegant data model, is used to operate an Internet business’ process and network automation.

Many automation presentations to date have considered programming techniques/skills/languages a network engineer embarking upon an automation project shall need. Or, concentrated on a vendor’s automation features, so that the audience can see the Arista or the Juniper integration options. Little has been produced to date which explains how an engineer will integrate software relevant business processes or product design.

If an IXP (but equally an ISP, a hosting company, etc.) concentrates only on the automation platform facing their network infrastructure, whilst the instruction set to manage the network is automated, without integration into the company’s products or customer’s requirements, can the company really be said to be automated?

When Asteroid embarked upon a platform that could build and operate fully autonomous peering platforms, it became clear that the automation systems that we build must have a deep integration with the network switches, and the servers that will support the platform, but also the business processes that would be used to create and operate exchanges/port services.

October 28 @ 14:30
14:30 — 14:50 (20′)

Shell Hall MUSON Centre Lagos

Andy Davidson (Asteroid)