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In thirteen previous editions, the workshops have enabled learning from seasoned instructors and interaction between techie peers and management.


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Network Technology Week 2018

The 2018 ngNOG Conference and Workshops will hold as what is now being called the Nigerian Network Technology Week. While the events have extended beyond the Research and Education space to include more commercial network operators and innovators that depend on reliable networks, the goal remains reliable broadband Internet access and services for end users.

The scheduled activities include

  1. IPv6 Deployathon (Deployment Hackathon) facilitated by AFRINIC’s IPv6 Team holds on Monday October 29, 2018. This one-day activity will start from the early hours and run into the late night to help AFRINIC members who have had challenges with full implementation of IPv6 on their networks. It will go beyond the regular IPv6 training to help turn on IPv6 (for those network operators that have had challenges starting up) and fix configurations (for those who started but have broken something or the other on their networks over time). Interested Network Engineers with approval from their organizations can apply to attend this free workshop at
    Selection is via a competitive process with per-organization quotas and only the most suitable candidates (with actual access to configure network devices) being accepted.
  2. Network Administration and Engineering Workshops facilitated by the ngNOG Team holds from Monday October 29 – Friday November 2, 2018. This four-day activity will start at 8am and run till 6pm every day.There will be parallel sessions on Scalable Internet Infrastructure, Scalable Internet Services and Unix Systems Administration. These sessions will provide hands on training for intending or existing network administrators. As has been the tradition over the past 12 years, the instructors are highly knowledgeable network managers themselves and are always available to lend a helping hand to participants who have issues to solve with their home networks and services (either as case study in class or outside workshop hours). Apply to attend these paid workshops at
  3. Peering, Interconnection and Routing Security Workshop facilitated by a combined team from AFRINIC, Cloudflare, DE-CIX, Facebook, the Internet Society, IXPN, ngNOG, Packet Clearing House and others with experience operating large networks holds from Wednesday October 31- Thursday November 1, 2018. This two-day activity will start at 8am and run till 6pm on both days.Sessions will cover a diverse range of topics that are crucial for peering and interconnection of networks on a global scale as well as security at the routing level – a critical level for network quality of service assurance. Priority for this session is senior network administrators and (current and potential) peering coordinators of ISPs, Mobile Network Operators, and other holders of IPv4/IPv6 network resources running BGP.
    The focus is on helping more network operators to peer and interconnect efficiently, solve common challenges and help put faces to the names that we relate with in the peering community. Establishing personal networks do matter a lot in this our device networking business. Apply to attend this free workshop at
    Selection is via a competitive process with per-organization quotas and only the most suitable candidates being accepted.
  4. Local Content, Domain name and Web Hosting business Workshop facilitated by a combined team from ngNOG, NIRA and partner Content Distribution Network operators holds from Wednesday October 31- Thursday November 1, 2018. This two-day activity will start at 8am and run till 6pm on both days.Sessions will cover a range of content designed to make it easier and cheaper to host content locally with similar costing and reliability to that which is available offshore. Experiences and opportunities in this space will be shared with heavy content distributors like TV and Radio stations, Entertainment outfits and technopreneurs looking to tap into business of the web hosting and domain name industry which currently has millions of dollars flying out of Nigeria annually. Apply to attend this paid workshop at
  5. The main Network Technology Conference will hold on Tuesday October 30, 2018 at the Zone Technology Park, Gbagada, Lagos. This one-day event with the theme “Getting Affordable Broadband Internet to the Next 100 Million Nigerians” will feature discussion panels and presentations on critical Internet development issues with a view to improving the quality, quantity and accessibility of true broadband Internet to the Nigerian user. Participation will be from Technopreneurs, Internet Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators, Data Centre and Infrastructure Providers, Content Distribution Network Operators, Government Agencies, Research and Education Institutions, Law Enforcement, Defence Agencies, and Civil Society Organizations among others. There will be human networking activities during the course of the day to help build a stronger Internet ecosystem. Following the conference will be an evening social event for attendees to unwind and network some more. All Workshops will be paused for the Conference in Gbagada on Tuesday and resume on Wednesday.
    To register to attend this conference for free, book your ticket now at
    Registration on the day of the event will attract a 10,000 Naira registration fee.

Sponsorship opportunities

This event is made possible through the kind sponsorship of well-meaning players in the Internet industry. To discuss how your organization can support (Connectivity, Media coverage, Fellowships, etc), please contact Rashida Umar on +2348069288580 or email Sponsors will be featured in audiovisual, web and print publicity as well as signage in the run-up to the event and during the course of the week.

Currently supported by:
NCC, Facebook, Google, MDXi, Netflix, DE-CIX, Medallion Communications, Meed Networks, Medallion communications  and the Internet Society

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