Nigerian Network Operators Group

The foremost capacity building activity of ICT personnel and other stakeholders in Nigerian Higher Education.
In thirteen previous editions, the workshops have enabled learning from seasoned instructors and interaction between techie peers and management.


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The largest city in Africa, with a population of over 21 million. it is the economic and cultural powerhouse of the country, and the fifth largest economy in Africa, if it were a country. Also known as Èkó in the Yoruba language, Lagos is a port and the most populous conurbation in Nigeria. Lagos is home to over 50 licensed Internet Service Providers and 7 of Nigeria’s 10 licensed interconnect exchange operators. Most commercial and financial business are carried out in the central business district situated on the island. This is also where most of the country`s commercial banks, financial institutions, and major corporations are headquartered. Lagos has one of the highest standards of living in Nigeria and in Africa, and is currently enjoying a booming ICT sector.

Conference Venue

The MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos

Shell Nigeria Hall:
This exciting venue is less than 5 minutes from Tafewa Balewa Square, Lagos Island.

Plenary Seating: 400
Exhibition Booths : 12

Workshop Venue

TOPAS Hub, Surulere, Lagos

No 2 Alhaji Tokan Street,Alaka Estate, Surulere, Lagosand.

Workshop Tracks: 5

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